About the Conference

With the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development coming into force in 2016, Global Citizenship Education (GCED) made its first appearance in the global education agenda. APCEIU, cognizant of challenges, tensions and opportunities revolving around GCED, felt an urgent need to reach out to education stakeholders around the world for the promotion of GCED. Against this backdrop, the International Conference on GCED: Platform on Pedagogy and Practice was initiated as a place of exchange, interaction and dialogue.

The Conference, which is held annually in September, provides an excellent opportunity for participants to deeply immerse themselves in GCED for two full days. A multiplicity of views and perspectives are shared, and a variety of practical, hands-on experiences are offered in an atmosphere of mutual support and respect. Including many different formats to cater to a diverse audience, the Conference aims to inspire each and every participant to learn from fellow participants and act on their own initiative to make GCED root down firmly at the local level.

The 2nd Conference, just as the 1st one that took place last year, will bring together those who have been at the forefront of GCED from all corners of the world. Under the overarching theme of ‘in pursuit of GCED in a challenging environment’, the Conference intends to touch upon the difficulties we face globally, nationally and locally that call for renewed attention to GCED. At the same time, voices of practitioners and leaders in their respective fields of work who have defied the odds and all the doubters to put GCED into action shall be heard and noted.

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